Lusso offer a variety of framed and frameless fire rated partitions to suit your requirements.




Lusso's fire rated, frameless single glazed partition system, providing the same sleek, modern finish as...



The Lusso 105FR system is capable of fire performance of upto 60 minutes integrity and 60 minute insulation...



Lusso's aluminium framed glazed partition system, provides stylish design details with 30 minute fire...


Fire Rated Glass Partitioning

Lusso offer options for both framed and frameless fire rated glazed partitioning systems. The frameless glazed systems can achieve upto 60 minute integrity and insulation, whilst the framed system is capable of achieving upto 30 minute integrity.

The Lusso 25FR glazed system is a variation of Lusso 25 system with the glass upgraded to provide upto 60/60 fire rating. Utililsing PETG or silicon glass to glass joints, the minimalistic characteristics of the standard system are maintained, making this system particularly suited to atrias and lightwells.

The Lusso 105FR can also provide upto 60/60 fire rating, with the added benefit of high acoustic performance. Thus, this system is particularly advantageous in communal lobbies or walkways where high fire performance is critical and minimal sound transfer is preferable. This system provides a clean, mullion free glazed partition with a combination of silicone and Stealth, PETG I or H section joints.

Furthering the capabilities of the versatile Lusso 80 system, the Lusso 80FR variant provides fire performance of upto 30/0. The Lusso 80FR system is fully integrateable with the Lusso 80 solid system.


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