The Lusso frameless glazed partitioning systems provide a high quality, aesthetically stunning design solution for a variety of applications and environments.




Lusso's single frameless glazed partitioning system, creating the impression of floating glass with minimal...



Lusso 55 narrow width frameless glazed partitioning system offers limitless design options in either single...



Lusso 105 full width frameless glazed partitioning system, manufactured to be double glazed with the...


Frameless Glazed Partitioning

Lusso frameless glazing is available in three distinct configurations; The Lusso 25 single glazing system, the Lusso 55 narrow double glazing system and the Lusso 105 double glazing system. The frameless glazing range is versatile, and adept to a variety of acoustic, fire and structural applications.

The illusion of continuous glazing is achieved as there are no mullions to provide a visual break in the glazing. For this reason, the frameless systems lend themselves to atria and high level glazing, where the partitioning allows additional light transfer and uninterrupted views.

We also offer a selection of glass to glass joints to complete the seamless transition between the panes.

  • The clear H-section dry joint, encapsulates both panes of glass and provides a crisp finish to the glass frontage.
  • The Stealth dry joint is clear, flexible and discreet. It provides a minimal visible joint and fits neatly within a machined recess in the edge of the glass but creates the impression of butt jointed glass.
  • The crystal clear I-section dry joint provides a seamless glass frontage, near matching the appearance of continuous glass with flush extrusions fitting neatly into the chamfered edges of the glass.


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