From minimal frost dots to photographic artwork, Lusso can provide decorative manifestation films, interlayers or fritting techniques to create unique spaces and environments.





The finishing touch to your glazed partitioning system, available in thousands of colours and designs.

Ceramic Printing


Applied to the glass during manufacture, fritting or acid etching provides a permanent design feature to...

Switch Glass


An innovation in glass design, Switch film transforms from clear to translucent at the push of a button.


Glass Artwork is the constituent component in creating a unique feature of a glazed partitioning system. The glass artwork we offer provides a distinctive aesthetic on each and every project.

Manifestation film comes in many forms, from digitally printed colour photographs to intricate lazer cut designs to simple Opal Frost dots. This product combines a simple application process with the flexility of a changable design.

Ceramic fritting offers a permanent design to feature on a glazed partition and is particularly useful in areas where future access may be limited such as internal glazed atria. The design is applied during the glass manufacture and as such, the highest quality finish is achieved.

Available as an interlayer or a film, the Switch product utilises an electrically charged film to transform glass from transparent to translucent at the flick of a switch. Switch film provides a high level of privacy to areas in which sensitive information is processed.


  • Lusso glazed partitions add a touch of class for the prestigious Jaguar Landrover brand for their new showroom in T…
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